Wall Fa Heater (ELWH-109)


LED display
Heating power: 1000 W/2000 W
Safety PTC heating element
Fan/Warm/Hot wind selection
8 hour timer
Wide angle oscillating louvers
Remote control


ceramic heater as a consumer product is a space heater that generates heat using a heating element of PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) ceramicCeramic heaters are usually portable and typically used for heating a room or small office, and are of similar utility to metal-element fan heaters.

PTC ceramic material is semi-conductive and when voltage is applied to it, the power decreases quickly as it reaches a certain temperature according to the particular composition of the ceramic. The ceramic elements are in contact with aluminum fins, thereby heating the fins up. A fan blowing across the fins heats the air.

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 30 × 16 × 8 cm


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Wall Fa Heater (ELWH-109)