United Smart Cooker Hard Andiosed 3in1 (Cooker+Strainer+Server) 5 Litre


Brand : United

Material : Aluminium

Color : Black

Finish : Hard Anodized

Weight : 4750 gms

Dimension ( L X B X H ) In mm : 380 x 250 x 250

Other features : Comes With Outer Lid Can be used for cook and serve serves 3 role in 1 go for cooking ,Serving and Stainering.


United Cookers as the most innovative pressure cooker manufacturers in the country has just launched All in one Smart Cookers. Its a combination of varied features which all the Pressure cooker users and house ladies have ever imagined to be offered in one single product i.e. United All in One Smart Pressure Cooker acts as a Cooker to cook delicious, hygienic and Quick food, acts as a strainer to cook soups, boil vegetables, cooking Chicken Soup i.e it avoids spillage of food while draining the water after cooking and finally it acts as server i.e due to its stylish design, look and color and its Glass lid it can directly be presented on to your table in front of all your guests to serve food.

United All in one Smart Cooker is manufactured from best quality wrought Aluminum produced from Hindalco by Aditya Birla group conforming to IS:21-1992 and its Lid and Strainer are of food grade 18/8 Stainless Steel. And its has a thickness of 4.5 mm, which avoids the burning of the food cooked. The Fusible alloy used in our safe valve is lead free, and the smart Pressure cooker has a double Safety system called GRS ( gasket release System ). The Smart Pressure cooker is Hard Anodized along with Induction base which helps to cook food 60% faster.

United All in one Smart Cooker helps in maintaining the health of your family through its sterilizing action and better preservation of nutritional values of your food. It also enables you to play a more fruitful role in the family and outside by saving in cooking time. United All in one Smart Cooker is guaranteed for 5 years against any manufacturing defect. It functions smoothly for years without any problem.

In case, however, you face any difficulty or problem in use, please do not hesitate to contact our authorized dealer from whom you have purchased them, we assure you of our prompt and sincere service. We wish you to be a happy user of United All in one Smart Cooker. For a life long and trouble free service from your United All in one Smart Cooker, we would request you to please read and follow a few instructions given in the following pages of this Manual. We are sure that you will soon discover that United is a wise investment which repays its cost by saving on fuel costs.

United 3 in 1 Smart Pressure Cooker ( Cooker + Strainer + Server )
The Hard Anodized surface is non-toxic non-staining and non-reactive with foods.
It is thermal-efficient, heats fast and evenly and is not spoiled by high heat.
It is tough and durable, will not tarnish or corrode and will stay looking new for years.
Salient Features:
New Improved Pressure Regulator/Vent Weight
Long Lasting Sealing Ring/Gasket
Rust Proof Components
Stainless Steel 8/l8Food Grade Used
Wrought Aluminum Used


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United Smart Cooker Hard Andiosed 3in1 (Cooker+Strainer+Server) 5 Litre