Digital Multi Pressure Cooker 5L (Electric)



Automatic digital electrical pressure cooker is a new style cooking utensil, using advanced technology adapting all the merits of pressure cooker, electrical rice cooker and braising cooker.

The digital pressure cooker has advanced structure, new layout-design,safety, reliability, multi-function, easy use, saving time and electricity and scientific cooking.

Overall, an ideal cooking device for the modern family and will take place of pressure cooker, electric rice cooker and braising cooker.

Technical Parameter

  • Diameter of inner pot: 22 cm
  • Working pressure: 60/80 KPa
  • Pressure limit: 100KPa
  • Keep warm temp: 600-800C
  • Preset digital operation
  • Size: 5 L
Weight 3 kg


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Digital Multi Pressure Cooker 5L (Electric)